Ponatahi Christian School has a maximum roll of 120 in term 1, and 126 at any stage of the school year. This is set by the Ministry Of Education, and is a realistic limit for the current building asset and playgrounds.

The school is now fully booked until at least 2022 with new families, other than members of the Reformed Congregations, having to go on a waiting list. Realistically speaking there is little chance for enrolment for new families outside membership of the Reformed Congregations, Reformed Church, and Free Presbyterian Churches until further notice. And within these churches we will do our utmost to find room. Yet even within these historically supportive churches, which have contributed so much to the school over the years, there is not a guarantee of any more spaces being available for new families, while we continue to guarantee places for younger siblings of current families.

In God’s providence, families leaving the school can take some pressure off the roll. Yet new families coming into the Reformed Congregations could potentially close the door to new families from the other churches, and potentially even make it difficult for some of the younger siblings.

This is not a position we like to be in, and we hope that in God’s providence that the school may continue to be a light in the community, and one day again be in a position to welcome children from any family which is sincere about bringing up their children from the foundation of God’s Word, and still have a place for the some disadvantaged members of the local community.


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